Global Securities

Clients may invest in global major stock markets via a single account, including Hong Kong, China, US, UK, Australia, Japan, and other oversea markets etc. It is time saving and convenient without preparing multiple currencies in advance. Investment flexibility is thus enhanced.

Global Futures

Our services cover major global futures exchanges. With our 24-hour dealing support, client may access their portfolio and order status everywhere.

Corporate Finance

We provide corporate finance advisory services, including pre-IPO restructuring, IPO execution, and post-IPO compliance for companies located in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and other Asia Pacific regions.

Margin Finance

We offer margin financing of nearly 1,300 Hong Kong or China A shares, with margin ratios up to 80%. Exceeding 2,000 eligible US margin financing shares and ETFs. Investors are allowed to use funds and enjoy capital appreciation more flexibly and efficiently.

Rights Issue, Placement, Underwriting

Underwriting, sub-underwriting, placing and sub-placing services are provided to Hong Kong listed securities for initial public offer, rights issue, public offer and other fundraising activities.

Asset Management

To satisfy clients’ needs, such as effective hedging and achieving maximize capital returns, we provide services of investments products design, private equity funds portfolio and discretionary investment portfolio management.