Internet Security Tips

PC and Mobile Devices

  • Avoid using public computers to access your online account.
  • Ensure your online account is properly logged out after using the online services.
  • Avoid sharing your computers and mobile devices with others
  • When using the online services, do not leave your PC or mobile devices unattended.
  • Ensure your PC or mobile devices with proper security measures applied, such as activating screen-lock with password, applying latest security patches, etc.

Online Activities

  • Do not open any suspicious emails.
  • Do not download, install or use any suspicious software or mobile applications.
  • Do not click on any hyperlinks on suspicious websites.
  • When receiving your transaction statements, check the statements immediately. Should you find any suspicious transactions, please contact our customer services.
  • Should you receive any suspicious login or transaction notifications, please contact our customer services immediately.


  • Safeguard your login credentials properly and do not share them with others.
  • Use complex passwords, such as combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, digits and symbols.
  • Do not save your passwords in your PC or mobile devices.
  • Change your passwords periodically

Wi-Fi Network

  • Set up a password for your Wi-Fi network and adopt advanced encryption, e.g. WPA2-PSK and AES.
  • Do not use any suspicious Wi-Fi network.
  • Avoiding using public Wi-Fi network to access your online account.