Statement on Personal Data Privacy

  1. <Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance> (the “Ordinance”) and other relevant legislations regulate the collection, storage and usage of personal information (“data”). This statement is made for the information of individuals (“clients”) dealing with Freeman Securities Limited and / or Freeman Commodities Limited (refer to as “Freeman Securities”).
  2. It is necessary for Freeman Securities to collect data from clients from time to time for the establishment and continual operations of accounts, credit and other financial services and facilities. Certain data is required to be collected to comply with regulatory requirements.
  3. Data collected may be used for, but not limited to, the following purposes:
    1. Daily operation of securities / future trading, credit facilities and other financial services;
    2. Credit checks;
    3. Facilitate credit checks of other financial institutions;
    4. Continual assessment of the clients’ credit worthiness;
    5. Designing, marketing and evaluation of financial services and / or products;
    6. Determining / collection of outstanding owed by or to the clients;
    7. Complying with regulatory reporting requirements
  4. Data collected by Freeman Securities relating to a client will remain confidential. As required or permitted by law, such data may be provided to the following parties in Hong Kong or overseas:
    1. Agent, contractor or other services providers who provide telecommunications, computer, securities clearing or payment, printing or other services to support the business operation of Freeman Securities;
    2. Associated companies of Freeman Securities, including but not limited to its holding companies, subsidiaries and other companies within the group;
    3. Other financial institution with which the client has or proposes to have dealing;
    4. Regulatory bodies; and
    5. Any other persons / bodies with the consent of the client.
  5. Freeman Securities intends to use the clients’ personal data for direct marketing purpose. The type of personal data to be used and classes of marketing subjects are detailed below.  However, Freeman Securities may not use the clients’ personal data unless exempted by law or with consent of the client.
    1. Clients’ name, contact information and demographic information; and
    2. Marketing of investment products and financial services.

The Client can opt-out by contacting Personal Data Protection Officer of Freeman Securities if the client does not want his/her personal data being used for direct marketing purposes.

  1. For the purpose of verifying the data collected and as permitted by law, Freeman Securities may match, compare, transfer or exchange any personal data collected from clients with data held by government bodies, regulatory authorities, organisations, corporations or individuals in Hong Kong or overseas.
  2. Under the Ordinance, any person has the right to:
    1. Check if Freeman Securities holds any data on him / her;
    2. Access to any data on him / her;
    3. Require Freeman Securities to correct any data which is incorrect;
    4. Ascertain the policies and practices of Freeman Securities in relation to data; and
    5. Be informed of the type of personal data held by Freeman Securities

Freeman Securities, in accordance with the terms of the Ordinance, may charge a reasonable fee for the handling of any data access request.

  1. To access personal data, correction of data or for information regarding this statement, client may contact:

Personal Data Protection Officer

Freeman Securities Limited

38/F., Bank of China Tower, 1 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong